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Jodie Gateman is an amazing candidate who calls southern Alberta home. She is a farmer's wife, mother of four and raising fourth-generation farmers.  She and her husband own and operate a mixed agriculture enterprise just outside of Mossleigh, Alberta.

She is all about ensuring people have the correct information, therefore creating an environment where they can make an informed decision for themselves, their community and their province. People need to have the right information, in the right way, at the right time. She can often be heard saying: “You can never take for granted that communication has taken place, no matter how many times you’ve said it.”


Her skillset is wide-ranging and lends to her fitting in any team, with any circumstances. Truly a Jack of All Trades, master of most. From public relations to strategic planning, from quality control to marketing, she covers the spectrum of abilities.

Jodie was born and raised in Alberta. She attended the University of Dallas and has a Ph.D. degree and multiple certificates. She is an educator by trade but branched out early on into owning her own businesses.

She is in high demand for her reorganizational skills and training systems.  She has been a guest speaker across North America and speaks to crowds of large and small sizes.  Bringing her on board any project helps ensure its success.  


Statement from Jodie Gateman

"I believe in making a difference. My skill set and experience will allow me to give back to this community.  

As a child, I wanted to be a princess. However, my princess was always changing the world and giving back. I believe that people are the basis of society and change must start with the representation of those people.

When you think back to great leaders, which ones do you remember?  Which ones made a lasting difference?

For me, it is the ones that made tough but fair decisions. They expected a lot from themselves and I found myself striving to do the same. It causes my own standards to rise.

I feel when people stay silent, they are actually part of the problem rather than the solution. I wish more people who felt they could make beneficial changes would step forward."

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