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To get a glimpse of who Jodie is, please read the following words written by clients, people she's worked with, worked for, and known best by.


Wonder Woman

Jodie has been an inspiration since I first met her 5 years ago. Always tackling multiple projects, running successful businesses, and still being present as a wife, mother and friend. She has a take-charge persona, generous and kind, but she will tell you exactly what she thinks, bluntness is a rare trait. If I only had 2 words to describe her, they would be Wonder Woman.

 - J.U.

Light Bulb Poster

Forward Thinking

Jodie has run several successful campaigns and knows what people are thinking. Never afraid to think outside the box, Jodie is the best choice and will be a huge asset. She will work hard to give clear communication with members and general Albertans. 

- I.D.

Ringing Phone

Call On Jodie!

I have had the pleasure of doing politics Federally and Provincially with Jodie for about 2 decades. Rarely do I find a driven and organized person like her. When I need things done, I call Jodie!

- C.A.

An Asset In Any Situation

Checking Text on a Document

Working with Jodie is a great experience. She seems to know exactly what I am thinking without me having to tell her. She has organized events for my company, trained staff and created systems that make the company much more efficient. We would not be as far ahead as we are without her; diligence, attention to detail and creative ideas. Watching her work on committees and boards shows how much of an asset she is in any situation. 

- J.T.

Nobody Comes Close

Standing Meeting

Jodie has the history and the backbone needed to keep the new board on course. Nobody comes close to what Jodie brings to the table as we move forward. 

- K.B.

Lifetime of Experience

Image by Yannick Pulver

Jodie Gateman has a lifetime of experience advocating on behalf of others and will do so for the members. Her political experience has so many layers; from campaign manager for Grant Hill - Federal Alliance Leader- to communication expertise with many of the advocacy groups she has been connected with. Jodie will be the members' friend!

- W.A.

Organized Desk

Well Organized 

Jodie understands the importance of effective and consistent communication. Having worked with her in a professional atmosphere, I found her to be very well organized with an eye for important details.


- P.T.

Burst of Light

A woman Of Great Integrity

I have know Jodie for almost 10 years. She is a woman of great integrity and is someone you can trust without reservation. Jodie puts her heart and soul into everything she does and is only satisfied with the highest quality of work. She is a lady with exceptional character and I'm proud to have the opportunity to continue to work with her. 

- K.G.

Image by Ryan Ancill

Focused On What Matters

How would I describe Jodie? Integrity, insight, intelligence... with heart. She has a strength of character, deep determination and personal passion that will keep her focused on what matters and what needs to be done. In the face of any challenge, she is a solution-maker who stands for potential and possibility. Jodie leads with trust, clarity and with courage. Being in her presence is elevating and inspiring; knowing her is a privilege.

- K.M.

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